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With Preparation Comes Success

Pre-season work pays off for Perfect North Slopes
By Kristy Rydz
At Perfect North Slopes, perfect has always been more than just a catchy marketing tool – it’s the founding family’s name and the experience they aim to give all their visitors, no matter when they hit the slopes.
The resort was opened in Lawrenceburg, Indiana in 1980 by the Perfect family – Clyde, a bricklayer, his wife, Ella Mae, and their five adult children – after buying the farm property and deciding to test out the idea of a ski hill. Luckily, it worked.
Thirty-six years after starting with only two runs, three generations of the Perfect family are still operating the ski area, and the g ...

A New Way to Tube

A concept known as “grass tubing” may be just the thing for ski resorts looking for different ways to boost off-season revenue
By Mark Halsall
With shortening ski seasons in many areas due to global warming, resorts throughout North America are looking into ways to generate more cash in the summer. Hans Schaer says he has the answer, with a new idea that’s right for the times.
The owner of Harusch Lifts describes his concept as “grass tubing.” He’s designed a system where inner tubes equipped with wheels can be ridden down grassy slopes on a well-groomed ski run.
Some resorts already have summer tubing operations, which o er the experience of riding re ...

Raising the Bar

A remote controlled tool carrier offered by Alamo Industrial could make the work of pre-season brush clearing on trails faster and safer
By Mark Halsall
Clearing thick grass and tangled brush from trails in preparation for the cross country skiing or snowmobile season is not only tough work, it can be time-consuming and sometimes dangerous.
Now, there’s a new device on the market that’s purported to make brush clearing faster and safer – a remote controlled tool carrier called the TRAXX RF that can hack down vegetation in the toughest terrain, even on slopes up to 60 degrees.
The TRAXX RF is offered by Alamo Industrial, a subsidiary of the Alamo Group Inc. that’s ...

Northern Trails

Cross country skiing is a favourite pastime in Canada’s Yukon territory. The popularity of the Whitehorse Cross Country Ski Club is proof of that.
By Mark Halsall
Imagine cross country skiing on secluded wilderness trails under the majestic Northern Lights. It’s something skiers in Canada’s Yukon Territory get to experience regularly.
Many of them belong to the Whitehorse Cross Country Ski Club, located in Yukon’s capital and largest city. The winter nights are long and can be bone- chilling when you’re just a few hundred miles south of the Arctic Circle, but that doesn’t prevent people from going out and cross country skiing a lot.
The Whitehorse Cros ...